How to restore licenses on your PS5 (step by step)

Learn how to restore licenses on your PlayStation 5 with this step-by-step tutorial. Restoring game licenses can fix certain problems.

When should you restore licenses on your PS5?

You should restore licenses:

  • If you see a padlock icon next to a game title
  • If you experience problems with opening or playing games
  • If your PS5 is telling you that you don't own the game
  • If you see a deleted game's icon on the home screen
  • If you can't find downloaded games or apps

Restoring licenses will not affect your data.

How to restore licenses on the PS5

  1. Open settings by selecting the settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner of your screen and pressing the (X) button on your controller.
    Open PlayStation 5 settings
  2. Open Users and Accounts.
    PlayStation 5 Users and Accounts
  3. Select Other.
    PS5 Other settings
  4. Click Restore Licenses.
    PS5 Restore Licenses
  5. Click Restore.
    PS5 Restore button
  6. Your PlayStation 5 will now restore licenses. When the process is complete, you click OK.
    PS5 Licenses restored