How to Play Avi Movies with Subtitles on Playstation 3

Play Avi Files with Subtitles on Playstation 3

Windows, Linux & Mac OS X

Want to play avi movies with srt subtitles on your Playstation 3?

Subtitles don't show up while playing a movie on your Ps3

It's because the Sony PS3 can't read .srt subtitle files.


Luckily there is a solution.

You will need to merge the srt subtitle file with your AVI video file, and here...

...I will show you step by step how to easily and quickly do this by using the free and small program AVIAddXSubs.

With AVIAddXSubs you can in only 1 to 2 minutes.

But first:

The Playstation 3 is not only a gaming console, because you can also use it for playing movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime or other types of videos from a usb flash drive, external hard drive or disc.

But when you want to watch a divx or avi file with srt subtitles, the subs don't show up. It's because the Ps3 doesn't support srt subtitle files.

So why doesn't the Ps3 support these files ?

I think it's because Sony Pictures Entertainment (the television and film production/distribution unit of Sony) associates these files with torrent movies and these torrent movies are illegal and free to download, so Sony loses a lot of money because of this. This is just my thought about it.

And now:

How to Play Avi with Subs on the Ps3

Step One: Download Subtitles

First you need to find and download subtitles for your movie, tv show, documentary, cartoon or any other video you want to watch with subs. Good and free websites for downloading subtitles are , and . The most common subtitle format for divx and avi is SRT (SubRipText).

Step Two: Add Subtitles to Your Avi File

Place the srt subtitle file in the same folder as the avi file and give the two files exact the same name like in the example below. It is very important that they have exact the same name (case sensitive).

Step Three: Download & Install Wine (for Linux or Mac OS X)

If you have windows installed on your computer then skip this step.

The program AVIAddXSubs is actually build for Windows, but it also works on your Linux or Mac OS X computer when "Wine" is installed. So the first thing you need to do is to download and install "Wine" on your none Windows computer.

"Wine" is free software that allows you to run many (not all) Windows-based programs on computers with other operating systems like Linux or Mac OS X. Wine doesn't do any CPU emulation, so it's not an emulator, therefore, the name "Wine Is Not an Emulator".

Wine Download Links



Wine Tutorials

(link opens in a new window).

(link opens in a new window).

Step Four: Merge SRT with AVI

AVIAddXSubs is the program we use to merge the srt subtitle with the avi file to one file. It's a really small program with only around 900Kb on file size and you don't even need to install it on your computer.

1 Download AVIaddXSubs .

You don't need to install this program on your pc.

2 Create a folder on your computer and place the "" file inside this folder.

3 Open the folder and unzip "".

4 Doubleclick on "AVIAddXSubs.exe" to open the program.


5 Go at the bottom to "filename(s)(.avi or .srt or .idx).Or folder(s)." and click on the browse button.

AVIAddXSubs Browse Button

6 Open the folder that contains the subtitle and avi file.

Now you will see only the avi file and not the srt file, but that's normal.

7 Double click on the avi file.

Or select the file and click on "Open".

8 Click on "Start" and AVIAddXSubs will merge the srt file with the avi file in just 1 or 3 minutes (it depends on the file size of the video and your computer speed).

9 When AVIAddXSubs is finished, you click on "Exit" to close the program.

10 Open the folder on your computer which contains the avi and subtitle file.

Now you will see 2 video files. The divx file is the one you need. This file you can copy to a usb flash drive or external hard drive or burn on a disc and play on your Playstation 3.

This method also works for Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad and other devices that don't support srt subtitles.

Turn on Subtitles on a Ps3

Press while playing a movie, tv show, documentary, cartoon or any other video on the triangle ▲ button of your controller to open a menu.

Then press with the X button on the subtitle option to turn on subtitles.