How to merge srt subtitles with AVI files

This tutorial will show you step by step how to merge .srt subtitles with a .avi movie permanently using the free program AVIAddXSubs.

AVIAddXSubs is a small program (which you don't need to install) that allows you to combine SRT subtitle files with AVI video files to one file in one or two minutes.


AVIAddXSubs doesn't re-encode the video, so the quality of your video file remains exactly the same.

AVIAddXSubs is actually Windows software, but you can also use it on your Linux or macOS computer.

But first:

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AVI short for Audio Video Interleave is a common video format that you see a lot when downloading videos, movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime or other types of videos.

SRT short for SubRip text is perhaps the most common subtitle format used with AVI movies and videos.

But there are devices like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that don't support the SRT subtitle format.

So when you added your SRT subs to your AVI file, the subtitles don't show up while playing an AVI movie or video on your device.

The solution is to merge (combine) the AVI file with the SRT subtitle file to one file.

With the free and small program AVIAddXSubs, it only takes about one till two minutes.

And now:

How to combine AVI and srt

Step One: Download subtitles

A few websites for downloading free subtitles are,, and

Step Two: Add Subtitles to Your AVI File

Place the SRT subtitle file in the same folder as the AVI file and give the two files exactly the same file name, like:

It's very important that they have exactly the same file name (case sensitive).

Step Three: Download and install Wine (for Linux or macOS only)

If you have windows installed on your computer then skip this step.

AVIAddXSubs is actually Windows software, but you can also use it on your Linux or macOS computer when Wine is installed. So the first thing you will need to do is to download and install Wine on your Linux or macOS computer.

Wine is free software that allows you to run many (not all) Windows-based software on computers that uses Linux or macOS. Wine doesn't do any CPU emulation, so it's not an emulator, therefore, the name “Wine Is Not an Emulator”.

Wine Download Links

Wine for Linux.

Wine (Bottler) for macOS.

Wine Tutorials

How to use Wine on Linux (link opens in a new window).

How to use Wine on macOS (link opens in a new window).

Step Four: How to merge srt subtitles with an AVI movie

1. Download AVIAddXSubs here.

2. Unzip the file

3. Double-click on AVIAddXSubs.exe to open the program.

open AVIAddXSubs

4. Click on the Configuration 1 tab located at the top.

5. Now you will have a lot of settings, but you probably only want to change a few settings, like:

6. If you want to view how your subtitles will look, then click at SRT extension on Preview.

7. Click on the Create XSUB or Idx/Sub tab located at the top.

8. Click on the [...] button located at filename(s)(.avi or .srt or .idx).Or folder(s).

AVIAddXSubs Browse Button

9. Go to the location on your computer where the AVI and SRT files are stored.

10. Select the AVI file and click on Open.

Note: You will only see the AVI file and not the SRT subtitle file, but that's normal, it's okay, as long as you placed the two files together in the same folder and gave them exactly the same file name.

11. Click on the Start button and AVIAddXSubs will merge the SRT subtitle file with the AVI video file to one file in one or two minutes.

12. When it's finished, you click on Exit.

13. Open the folder of your movie and subtitle file.

14. Now you will see two video files. The DIVX video file is the one which contains the subtitles.

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