Create a password-protected ZIP file in Windows 11 with 7Zip

This tutorial will show you step by step how to create a password-protected ZIP file in Windows 11 using 7-Zip, a well-known free and open-source program.

ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. A ZIP file may contain one or more files or folders.


1. Open your web browser.

2. Go to

3. Download 7-Zip.

Download 7-Zip

4. Open the 7-Zip installation file you've just downloaded.

Open 7-Zip installer

5. If a “User Account Control” window appears, you click on Yes.

An installation window will open.

6. Click on Install.

Install 7-Zip

The 7-Zip installer will now install 7-Zip on your PC.

7. When the installation is complete, you click on Close.

Close 7-Zip installer

8. You can close your web browser now.

9. Open File Explorer.

Open File Explorer

10. Go to the files or folders you want to zip.

11. Select the files or folders.

Select files

12. Right-click on the selected files or folders.

13. Click on Show more options.

Show more options

14. Move your mouse cursor (pointer) to 7-Zip.

15. Click on Add to archive.

7-Zip add to archive

A “Add to Archive” window will open.

16. At Archive format, you select zip.

17. In the Encryption section, you enter the password you want to use for the ZIP file in both password fields.

18. At Encryption method, you select AES-256.

Create a password-protected ZIP file using 7-Zip

19. Click on OK at the bottom of the “Add to Archive” window.

7-Zip will now create the password-protected ZIP file.

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