VirtualBox Only Showing 32-bit & NO 64-bit Versions - Simple Fix

VirtualBox Only Showing 32-bit & NO 64-bit Versions

Only see 32-bit and no 64-bit versions of operating systems as options while creating a new virtual machine in Oracle's VM VirtualBox?

Even when your host operating system is 64-bit?

Then you are on the right page, because here...

...I will show you in a few simple steps how to solve this problem.

But first:

I experienced the same problem while trying to install (64-bit) inside .

I opened VirtualBox, clicked on 'NEW', entered a name for the virtual machine, choose the type of operating system, but when I wanted to choose a version, I only saw 32-bit versions and NO 64-bit versions as a option.


Fortunately I found a simple solution online and I will share this solution with you.

Note! Your host operating system (OS installed on your PC) must be 64-bit.

I was using a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Pro while creating this tutorial.

And now:

Simple Fix For The 'VirtualBox Only Showing 32-bit & NO 64-bit Versions' Problem

1 Open the installer that you used to install VirtualBox.

If you don't have it anymore, then you will need to it again.

A setup window will open.

2 Click on "Next".

3 Click on "Repair" (icon/image).

repair virtualbox installation

4 Click on "Repair" (bottom right).

VirtualBox will now be repaired. This will take a few seconds.

5 When it's finished you click on "Finish" to close the setup wizard.

6 Now you will be asked to restart your computer, so click "Yes" to restart your computer.

That's it. Hopefully this simple solution solved your problem.