World of Tanks: how to fix the update/installation error problems

Having an update and/or installation problem with the video game World of Tanks?

Then you've come to the right place because this tutorial will show you step by step how to fix the problem.

But first:

The first time I installed the game World of Tanks and downloaded a big update it suddenly stopped at 99%.

And I got the error message:

Critical error.
Unable to download updates via HTTP.
The application cannot continue.
For details, see log file

I got a little bit irritated because it took a long time to download this WOF update (my internet speed isn't that fast).

And I was just starting with the game.

Actually, I didn't even play the game yet.

So I began WOF with a bad start and experience.


I didn't gave up on World of Tanks yet.

So, I searched on the internet and found a solution that solved this problem.

And on this page, I will share this solution with you.

And now:

How to solve the World of Tanks update/install critical error

The first thing you should try is to click on the retry button.

World of Tanks Retry Update / Installation button

If that doesn't work then follow the next steps:

For this solution, you will need the torrent application uTorrent (it's free).

This program is made for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can download uTorrent here.

1. Go to the World of Tanks Updates directory on your computer.

Example locations:

Inside this folder you will see a patch file and a torrent file or in my case multiple patch and torrent files.

Fix World of Tanks Update/Install Error Problems

2. Double-click on the torrent file to start downloading the patch.

The torrent files will have the green uTorrent icon.

Fix World of Tanks Update/Install Error Problems

3. When uTorrent starts downloading the torrent file, you can stop the download, but don't delete the patch file from uTorrent.

To stop the download, you right-click on the file and choose Stop.

4. Go back to the World of Tanks Updates directory.

5. Copy the patch file from the World of Tanks Updates folder to the uTorrent downloads folder (location where uTorrent saves downloads). Replace the placeholder file that's already there.

6. Go to uTorrent.

7. Right-click on the patch file (that you were downloading) and choose Force Re-Check.

This will check if all the parts of the patch file are complete.

If there are parts missing, start the download to download the missing parts.

8. Do a re-check when the patch file is completed (just to be sure). To do this, right-click on the patch file and choose Force Re-Check.

9. If the patch file(s) is good and complete, you copy the file(s) from the uTorrent downloads folder back to the World of Tanks Updates folder.

10. Click on the retry button of World of Tanks and hopefully it will finish the update(s).

World of Tanks Retry Update / Installation button

This solution solved my WOF update problem and hopefully, it will also solve your problem.


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