How to prevent your WhatsApp account from being hacked

This tutorial will show you step by step how to prevent your WhatsApp account from being hacked.

You can prevent WhatsApp hacking by setting up two-step verification.

You'll need to come up with a six-digit PIN code to protect your WhatsApp account. You will have to enter this code when you want to set up WhatsApp on a new phone. In addition to your phone number, your PIN code is, therefore, the second step in the verification.

You must remember this PIN code because you will have to enter these six digits regularly if you use WhatsApp and also when you want to set up WhatsApp on a new phone.

The steps on this page will show you how to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp on an Android phone.

The steps on this page work for all Android phones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, OnePlus, ASUS, Nokia, Google, Sony, LG, and other Android smartphones.


1. Open the WhatsApp app.

2. Tap on the menu button.

For some Android devices, the WhatsApp menu button is a physical button on your smartphone located at the bottom left or bottom right, and for some devices, the menu button is in the upper right corner of your phone's screen. The icon for the menu button will look different on different phones.

whatsapp menu buttons on android

3. Tap on Settings.

Open WhatsApp settings

4. Tap on Account.

Open WhatsApp account settings

5. Tap on Two-Step verification.

WhatsApp two-step verification

6. Tap on Enable.

Enable two-step verification button in WhatsApp

7. Enter a six-digit PIN code.

8. Enter the six-digit PIN code again to confirm.

9. Now, you will have the option to add an email address to your account. You can use this email address to reset your PIN if you forget it.

10. Enter your email address again to confirm.

11. Tap on Save.

That's it. Two-step verification is now enabled.

12. Tap on Done.

Never share your WhatsApp two-step verification PIN code or registration code with others.

Note: If you receive an email to reset the two-step verification PIN code or registration code but didn't request this, then don't click on the link. Someone could be attempting to access your phone number on WhatsApp.

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