How to rip a CD to FLAC in Windows 11 (quick tutorial)

Learn how to rip a CD to FLAC in Windows 11.

Ripping a CD to FLAC means copying music from an Audio CD to your computer into the FLAC audio format.

You can rip a CD to your PC in Windows 11 using Windows Media Player, a media player already built into Windows 11.

  1. Insert the CD you want to rip into the CD/DVD drive of your PC.
  2. Click on the Windows start menu button.
  3. Type wmp.
  4. Click on Windows Media Player.
  5. Click on your CD in the left menu.
  6. Click on Rip settings.
  7. Move your mouse cursor to Format.
  8. Select FLAC.
  9. You can uncheck the songs you don't want.
  10. Click on Rip CD.

Windows Media Player will now rip your CD to your PC.

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