How to Stream Movies, Music & Photos from PC to Playstation 3

Stream Movies, Music & Photos to the Playstation 3

This tutorial will show you step by step how to stream movies, videos, music and pictures from your computer to your Playstation 3 using a free program called PS3 Media Server in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

But first:

The PS3 is not only a gaming console, but you can also use it to play movies, videos, music and pictures.


You can also use it as a media server to stream movies, videos, music and pictures stored on your PC to your PS3 using the free program Ps3 Media Server.


To stream media, your Playstation 3 needs to be connected to your home network or connected with a network cable to computer.

You can also play movies, videos, music & photos from a USB device on your Playstation 3.

And now:

How to Stream Media from your PC to Your PS3

1. Enable Media Server Connection & Internet Connection

First you will need to enable Media Server Connection and Internet Connection on your Playstation 3.

1. Turn on your Playstation 3.

2. Go to "Settings".

3. Open "Network Settings".

4. Open "Internet Connection" and choose "Enable".

5. Open "Media Server Connection" and choose "Enable".

2. Set Up Ps3 Media Server on your Computer

PS3 Media Server is software to stream media from your computer to your Playstation 3. Je will need to install this program on your PC.

You can download Ps3 Media Server here.

1. Open PS3 Media Server.

2. PS3 Media Server will now automatically search for your Playstation 3 and connect to it.

3. When you see "Connected" and a PS3 icon, then you're ready to stream media.

3. Stream Movies, Videos, Music, Photos to Your PS3

1. Go in the main menu of your PS3 to:

2. If everything's fine, you will see the PS3 Media Server icon. If not, then press the X button on "Search for Media Servers".

3. Go to the PS3 Media Server icon and press the X button.

4. Go to the location on your computer where the movies, videos, songs or albums or photos are stored that you want to stream and play.

5. Go to the movie, video, song or picture you want to play or view and press the X button.

Note: Don't turn off your computer while playing.

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