How to Unlock the Nissan GTR (Elegy RH8) in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)

Unlock Nissan GTR Grand Theft Auto 5

Looking for a nice and fast sports car in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Then you will love the Nissan GTR - also known as the Elegy RH8 in the video game GTA 5.


On this page I will show you step by step how to unlock the Nissan GTR in the offline GTA 5 story mode.

But first:

To unlock this special car you will need to own a garage where you can park and save several cars.

There are several garages available in the game which you can buy.

And now:

How to Unlock the Nissan GTR (Elegy RH8) in Grand Theft Auto 5

1 Go to

2 Click on the right-top of the page on 'JOIN THE CLUB' button.

3 Fill in the form and click on 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.

4 Select a Category and Select an Avatar.

5 Click on the right-sidebar on 'CONFIRM'.


7 Choose a network to add to your Social Club account by clicking on 'LINK ACCOUNT'.


Click at XBOX LIVE® Gamertag on 'LINK ACCOUNT'.

8 Open your Ps3 or X-Box 360.

9 Open the game Grand Theft Auto 5.

10 Go to your garage in the game. Not your home garage but a garage where you can store multiple cars.

11 Go into your garage and wait for a second.

Now you will get the message 'Press ... to select a special vehicle'

12 Press on the left d-pad button of your controller.

D Pad Playstation 3 Controller

13 Select the Elegy RH8.

14 Press on the X button of your controller.

15 Press again on the X button of your controller to confirm.