How to Hide 'Is Now Friends With' Update on Facebook

Hide 'Is Now Friends With' Update on Facebook

When you add a friend on Facebook, a now friends with... or ...became friends with... update...

...appears on your timeline and on your friends activity sidebar (feed).

If you don't want others to see this status, then you can hide it...

...and on this page I will show you in a few steps how to do this.

How to Hide 'Became Friends With' Status on Facebook

1 Open .

2 Open 'Activity Log'.

Click on the ▼ icon (top right) and choose 'Activity Log' from the drop-down menu.

Open Facebook Activity Log

3 Go to "Photos", "Likes" and "Comments (located in the left sidebar) and click on "MORE".

Open Facebook Friends Activity Log

4 Click on "Friends".

5 Click on the icon (located at the right-top) (as in the image below) and uncheck "New Friend Reports".

Hide New Friend Reports on Facebook

6 Click on "Okay" to save the setting.