About EasyTechGuides

EasyTechGuides is a website with tips and how-to tutorials for all kinds of tech-related topics such as computer and internet use, smartphones and apps, gaming (video games), downloading, editing and converting videos, burning, ripping and copying CDs and DVDs, social media, and much more.

I started EasyTechGuides in December of 2014 because I like to create useful how-to guides that can help people and because I got inspired by websites like HowToGeek, WikiHow, eHow, and LifeHacker.

I'm always working hard to improve this site and to keep the tips, reviews and how-to tutorials on this site up-to-date.

I get the ideas for my articles from my own personal experiences, friends, family, forums and sometimes I receive questions from my visitors.

I do everything by myself. I developed and designed this site and I also create all the content (tips, reviews, and how-to tutorials).

I only make reviews about products (software) that I use myself. If I don't like the product, then it's not going to be shared on this site.

I work hard on this site, so I don't allow other people to copy, duplicate and publish my content (tips, reviews, how-to tutorials etc...) on their website, blog or forum.